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While there are quite a lot of restaurant options in this beautiful city of Mannheim, it’s not trivial to spot truely good ones. Although, I don’t explore food aspect of life so much but I would like to share few good places I know in the city to ease the life of new coming Mannheimers.

I am just a Ph.D. student in the city without much budget for food my list of far from extensive, keep that in mind.



  • La Loba
    • Spanish Tapas bar
    • Wide selection for tapas and some wines, each dish/drink is affordable, high-quality.
  • Bori
    • Korean restaurant
    • Small place, can be hard to find a table for more than 4 people
    • Bibimbap is my favorite dish there.
  • Pizzeria Papi
    • Italian restaurant
    • Music is little too loud, not recommended if you want to discuss deep philosophical topics with your friends
    • Very good pizza, large portion, one pizza is enough to feed two Japanese people
  • YEnat
    • Ethiopian restaurant
    • I don’t know their main dish is called but it’s very good and recommended for a nice small group gathering.